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好消息!好消息!ELT 溝通式教學法大師 Jack C. Richards is having a webinar on the 17th this month !!

Small Talk and Conversation - Webinar

 Jack C. Richards  Dr. Jack C. Richards - Live

17 Jul (Web), 22pm Taipei time

Consultant Webinar

" Teaching Spoken English: From Communicative Competence to Pragmetic Competence "

How should we teach students to make small talk? It's an important aspect of conversation, and it's also surprisely complex. This session will break the topic down into linguestic and communicative considerations, and explain what these mean for the teaching of fluent, spoken English.

Jack C. Richards is am internationally recognised authority in applied linguestics, and is one of your Cambridge English Teacher Consultants. As a consultant, Prof. Richards is officially supporting our Members with his expertise and tailor-made guidance.


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甚麼是線上研討會呢? What is a Webinar?

Webinars 就是透過網路進行的線上研討會, 不需外出, 您只要舒服的家中登錄研討會的線上平台, 就可與上百位來自世界各的老師與專家們共同參與討論, 提出疑問、分享彼此的想法喔! 

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