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Feedback on learners’ work can be one of the most influential ways to create improvement, according to research … but to have this outcome, feedback needs to be given skilfully. In this webinar, we will look at why formative feedback is so important, who can give it when and, most crucially, some varied and effective ways of responding to our learners’ work. We will explore several activities that incorporate feedback on language and skills work.


台灣時間2016/5/25 () 晚間10:00 - 2016/5/26() 凌晨0:00


undefined  Johanna Stirling

Johanna is a freelance English language consultant, teacher, teacher trainer, materials writer and presenter. Johanna Stirling is a NILE Associate Trainer and also the Academic Manager of the NILE Online Teacher Development courses. She has also written materials and given many presentations for Cambridge University Press.



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