4/28 (六) 高雄|高雄金典酒店 42樓珊瑚水晶廳|高雄市自強三路1號(新光路口)
4/29 (日) 台北|台北六福皇宮 3樓永平永成殿|台北市南京東路三段133號

Time Schedule
13:00--13:30 Registration
13:30--14:30 Presentation 1: The Process of Writing and Writing from Within (Curtis Kelly)
14:30--15:00 Tea Break
15:00--16:00 Presentation 2: What Four Corners can do for you!(Ivan Sorrentino)
16:00--16:10 Lucky Draw


Presentation 1: The Process of Writing and Writing from Within
Why is teaching organization to Taiwanese writing students more important than teaching grammar, spelling, or translation? What are the three basic features of organization students should master, and how can they do so through personal, introspective and creative topics? Let's discuss these issues and share our favorite methods. Time permitting, the presenter will show some of his favorite activities from the new edition of Asia's most popular writing series, Writing from Within (Cambridge).


Curtis Kelly
Author of Writing from Within 2nd Edition

Popular speaker and writer, Curtis Kelly (EdD), is a Professor of English at Kansai University in Japan. He has spent most of his life developing learner-centered approaches for "3L" English students, students with low ability, low confidence, and low motivation; he believes learners should be pulled into English study rather than pushed. He has written over 30 books, including Significant Scribbles (Longman), Active Skills for Communication (Cengage), and Writing from Within (Cambridge). He has also made over 300 presentations on adult education, motivation, brain science, and teaching writing.

Presentation 2: What Four Corners can do for you!
In an age where educators are being asked to be more and more conscious of their students' wants, needs, and expectations, it is useful to have a way to help show achievement and progression. The presenter will give an introduction to the Common European Framework of Languages can do statements and explain how they give a tangible way to help students and teachers know where and when progress has been made. He will then go on to show how they have been combined with a tried -and-true communicative approach in Four Corners, a new course by Cambridge University Press.


Ivan Sorrentino
Learning Marketing Director, Asia Cambridge University Press

A graduate of Cambridge University taught in Spain and Japan for 7 years before joining Cambridge University Press as an ELT Representative in 1999. He moved into a regional marketing role in 2008 and is now the Asia Marketing Director for our ELT and Education materials. He has a wide interest in all aspects of teaching; from corpus linguistics, and pragmatics to motivation and autonomy. Practicing what he preaches he also speaks five languages.


電話:02-2162-1217 分機139 傳真:02-8791-0757

Admission free. Registration required. 敬邀現職教師參加!


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