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5/6 (日)台北|中國文化大學推廣路延平大新館 數位演講廳|台北市延平南路三段133號4樓

Time Schedule
13:00--13:30 Registration
13:30--14:30 Presentation 1: Star Kids (Michael Tomlinson)
14:30--15:00 Tea Break
15:00--16:00 Presentation 2: Introducing Vocabulary with Kid's Box (Gavin Biggs)
16:00--16:30 Lucky Draw 現場抽獎活動,好禮大相送!

Presentation 1: Star Kids
We don't talk about intelligence anymore, we talk about intelligences. In this talk we will discuss the theory of multiple intelligences, and look at how it can be incorporated into your everyday classes. We will look at ways to motivate and stimulate your young learners as well as yourselves! The aim is to see how we can cater for our students many different needs including their all-important 'affective' needs. Hopefully there will be lots of fun and plenty of action, and a fistful of practical ideas for you to take back to use in your classrooms.


Michael Tomlinson
Michael Tomlinson has been teaching English since 1989. He has worked in the UK, Turkey, Spain and Sweden, with students ranging from children to adults and from beginner to proficiency level. He is currently a teacher and Director of Studies at Star English, Murcia. He has also led numerous teacher training talks and workshops in Europe, South America and Asia. His publications include the Primary iBox IWB software, six Primary Box titles in the Cambridge Copy Collection and the six level Primary course Kid’s Box (2008), all co-authored with Caroline Nixon.

Presentation 2: Introducing Vocabulary with Kid's Box
Vocabulary is a key part of learning, but like any skill it is just one part of a whole. We know that communication is not about how many words you know - but what you do with them. Teachers need to be familiar with a range of key methods to help their students in remembering not just essential vocabulary, but how to use the vocabulary effectively and prepare well for the YLE Exam. In this workshop we will review the importance of learning in meaningful context, affective learning to enhance memory, multi-level activities and dynamic exercise for introducing and practicing vocabulary. We will also be looking at how specific activities prepare students and teachers for the YLE Exams to ensure that they pass with flying colors!


Gavin Biggs
Gavin Biggs has over 10 years experience of managing and delivering educational projects with both government, academic, vocational and corporate partners, including 5 years in China. He holds a Cambridge CELTA and a degree in Psychology from the University of Exeter, U.K. He has taught across all ages and levels in institutions in the UK, Spain and China, from volunteering in Inner Mongolia to advanced business and diplomatic English courses for a London embassy. Most recently he has been involved in syllabus design, content development, and project management for multinational e-learning platforms. Gavin has now joined Cambridge University Press as the ELT consultant for China, running presentations and workshops for teachers, and seeking to promote long-term partnerships across the region. Gavin’s professional interests include educational psychology for teacher-development, and effectively utilizing new technology in training.


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Admission free. Registration required. 敬邀現任補教老師參加!


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