2013 Cambridge Day  


4/27 (六) 高雄│蓮潭國際會館 302階梯會議室│高雄市左營區崇德路801號 (Room 302, No. 801, Chongde Rd., Zuoying Dist., Kaohsiung City)

4/28 (日) 台北│文化大學推廣教育部 大夏館B1國際會議廳│台北市建國南路二段231號 (B1, No. 231, Sec. 2, Jianguo S. Rd., Da-an Dist., Taipei City)


13:00--13:30 Registration
13:30--14:30 Presentation 1- Adjusting the Control: Communicative Language Learning (Stuart Vinnie)
14:30--14:50 Break
14:50--15:50 Presentation 2- Teaching grammar in the write way (and beyond) (Ivan Sorrentino)
15:50--16:10 Bre

16:10--17:10 Presentation 3- Why Workplace English is so important? (Chris Jordan)

17:10--17:30 Lucky Draw



Presentation 1: Adjusting the Control: Communicative Language Learning

A learner-centred classroom doesn't mean that the learners are completely in control, but rather considers the interaction between the learners, their interests and their needs, and the teacher. It allows learners to contribute, share and take an active role in the learning process. Likewise, a teacher-centred classroom doesn’t necessarily mean the teacher always leads; a teacher needs to behave in different ways throughout the lesson to successfully engage their learners. During this session, we shall examine the current notions of teachers' and learners' roles and look for a middle-ground.

Stuart Vinnie  

Stuart Vinnie comes from England, lives in Bangkok, and works throughout the ASEAN region as the Senior Training Consultant, ELT, for Cambridge University Press. He has spent the last few years travelling throughout Asia, meeting teachers and educators through conference presentations, workshops and other professional development activities. Before joining Cambridge, Stuart worked as a teacher in the UK, Thailand, Japan, Portugal, China and Hong Kong. He holds an M.A. in TESOL, and the RSA/Cambridge DELTA.

Presentation 2: Teaching grammar in the write way (and beyond)

As language educators we often end up with fixed views on what to teach, how to teach it, how to apply it and how to assess it. Grammar teaching is probably the worst victim of this mindset. In the past 10 or 20 years we have learnt a lot about the nature of grammar and in particular, how we can apply it to the different productive skills of speaking and writing. The presenter will combine these ideas with practical activities for the Monday morning class.

Ivan Sorrentino  

A graduate of Cambridge University taught in Spain and Japan for 7 years before joining Cambridge University Press as an ELT Representative in 1999. He moved into a regional marketing role in 2008 and is now the Asia Marketing Director for our ELT and Education materials. He has a wide interest in all aspects of teaching; from corpus linguistics, and pragmatics to motivation and autonomy. Practicing what he preaches, he also speaks five languages.

Presentation 3- Why Workplace English is so important?

As teachers we are very aware that English will be important in the lives of our students after they graduate. Furthermore, in a world where English is becoming the lingua franca, an key aspect of this will be the Workplace English many will need to succeed in a very wide range of occupations.

This talk will focus on what Workplace English is exactly and how it differs from General or Business English. It will also look at some different suggestions for teaching and assessing Workplace English in a way that promotes the development of real-world skills. This is vital because once our students leave our organizations, we want them to have the confidence and ability to compete successfully in international situations in their chosen fields.

Chris Jordan  

Chris Jordan has an MA in Classics and the Royal Society of Arts (Cambridge) Diploma in Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA). He is the head trainer for Cambridge BULATS Face-to-Face Speaking and Live Writing examiners and a consultant for Cambridge ESOL. He provides training for teachers interested in communicative methods of Workplace English instruction, and he gives regular seminars to teachers and students in universities around the country. In addition to the above, he has taught English in both Australia and New Zealand and he is the Academic Director of a Business English consulting company that designs courses and provides English consulting and communication training for some of the world's leading international organizations, including DELTA, HSBC, Fubon, L'Oreal, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Mercedes Benz.


Admission free. Registration required. 敬邀高中以上現職教師參加!

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